Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh Emerge as the Top Digital States of India

Comprehensive Assessment of 36 States and Union Territories of India done using data related to 109 Key Performance Indicators

Gurgaon, October 23, 2017.

Madhya Pradesh has emerged as the number one digital state of India, with a Maximum Governance score of 100.1, followed by Maharashtra at 99.9 and Andhra Pradesh at 99.8. Indeed a photo-finish.

Chhattisgarh (97.4) and Karnataka (95.3) occupies the fourth and the fifth rank.

This is revealed in Digital States of India – A Comparative Analysis, a report by Coeus Age Consulting. The report is based on an assessment of digital initiatives by the 36 States and the Union Territories of India. The assessment framework used is based upon two constructs – Policy and Infrastructure Readiness (PIR) Score and Mission Mode Projects’ (MMP) Score.

The assessment has been very comprehensive as it is based upon data for 109 Key Performance Indicators related to Policy, Infrastructure and Mission Mode Projects.

14 state-centric MMPs were identified for the study –

Citizen Services, Common Service Centres, Agriculture, Land Records, Panchayati Raj, Public Distribution System, Police, Municipality, Health, Education, Treasury Computerization, Employment Exchange, eProcurement and Transport.

The sum of the PIR and MMP scores gave the total score termed as MAXIMUM GOVERNANCE or MG Score. The MG score is out of 150 total possible.


Each of the MMPs was evaluated on multiple parameters related to both depth (or capacity) and breadth (or reach) of the initiative. To compare orange with an orange the analysis used per capita data, which was also indexed against the state with best score for PIR and individual MMPs. The per capita data ensured that the smaller states do not have a disadvantage. Indexing made the scores and the rankings relative.

“A higher score means that the concerned state or the UT has fared better as compared to others. To better the score and ranking, a state not only has to do good but it must also do better. This makes utmost sense for the spirit of ‘competitive cooperative federalism’ that is so central to India’s governance system”  – Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, Founder and CEO, Coeus Age Consulting.

The analysis revealed four broad clusters of states and UTs –

Leading – Nine states or UTs that are relatively high on both PIR and MMP scores

Emerging – Seven states or UTs that are relatively high on either PIR or MMP scores but not on both, with sustained efforts they can enter the leading cluster

Promising – Fifteen states or UTs that are average on PIR and MMP scores and with the right efforts they can enter the emerging or even the leading cluster

Lagging – Five states or UTs that are low on both PIR and MMP scores and will need significant and sustained efforts to improve on their current position

The four clusters are obtained by plotting the MMP score and PIR score as the two orthogonal axes.


The report contains ranking of 36 states and union territories on the MG Score, PIR Score, Combined MMP score and individual MMP scores. It is an exhaustive comparative analysis of the states and UTs of India and is a must for the strategists and planners in the central and state governments to chalk a path towards better performance with digital.


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