Realizing the Dream of DIGITAL NORTH EAST – Taking the Next BIG Leap Forward!

North East region of India has remained mostly isolated since independence, both physically and politically. What could possibly become a gateway to the East Asia, a fertile ground for floriculture and agriculture, and a hot spot for tourists, has instead remained a politically sensitive (more than 95% of the borders are international), physically cut off (with only 27 KMs of Siliguri corridor as physical link with India) and business wise distanced region.


But can a region with immense potential to produce and grow be allowed to remain isolated in the digital age ? Absolutely not. The vision 2020 for North East was formulated exactly for mainstreaming NE India. Yet, the real focus (politically, structurally and financially) has been visible only in the past 4-5 years. 7-pillarsThere cannot be a more opportune time to fulfill the dream of a Vibrant North East India than it is today.

And Digital is a sure way to realize that dream! With the launch of a holistic vision of Digital North East, (along with infrastructure projects being given a renewed boost and air connectivity becoming more frequent), a new North East India is poised to take off. It is possible to take the Big Leap Forward on the back of Digital. The real question is how?

Against the backdrop of the question, we bring our flagship program – Gems of Digital to the North East. The program has the twin purpose of celebrating what has been achieved and debating on paving the path ahead.

Partnering with us in this initiative is SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software  across multiple verticals including Government.


Gems of Digital India is a Pan India initiative by Coeus Age to identify innovative use of digital in governance. Over the last 2 years, we have identified and documented the success stories of 92 Gems of Digital India, 41 in 2017 and 51 in 2018.  The Gems of Digital North East, to be organized on the 31st of October 2018, shall felicitate those innovative and impactful digital initiatives that have the power to transform.

It also aims to bring our rigorous research-based knowledge for the eight states of NE India to devise localized and micro strategies of leveraging digital for growth and development, in short become model DIGITAL STATES .

A DIGITAL STATE is a construct of governance that approaches digital holistically towards creating a conducive environment, multi-faceted development, and inclusive growth. The construct spans across Digital Policy, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Programs across domains of governance (more about it in a separate article).

Our analysts are currently busy identifying the path breaking digital initiatives in the eight states of NE India, which shall be branded as GEMS OF DIGITAL NORTH EAST.

Please connect with us if you have a great transformation story to share.

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