The paradigm of Government is shifting towards Governance, where the focus on citizen takes the center stage.

The underlying issues for governance in the developing and under developed countries are often conflicting in nature.  For example universal health access is the need for future human development, yet becomes difficult in the face of lack of resources, or benefits transfer to the lower strata of the society is marred by the rampant corruption or right to education becomes a difficult proposition due to lack of infrastructure and skills. Governments find it difficult to deliver due to bureaucratic mind sets and age old processes.

But all that is set to change. With visionaries like the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi determined to make a difference, the four core aspects of effective governance, policy, people, infrastructure and technology, are fast falling in place.

Like everything else, Digital has emerged as a great enabler in making the shift towards governance real. It’s importance lies not only as a standalone aspect as an enabler of policy, but also in catalyzing the other two core aspects of people and infrastructure. World leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Barak Obama and others see the real import of digital in governance and solving real world problems of poverty, equality and justice amid problems of archaic structures, inadequate infrastructures, corruption and red tapism.

Maximum Governance, a Coeus Age initiative, intends To Create a Vibrant Debate on Innovative Use of Digital in Governance.

The sole purpose is To Create Research Driven Knowledge on Issues Related to Governance by Digital, such as

  1. Citizen centricity
  2. New models of governance based on transparency, agility and efficiency
  3. Policy, baseline infrastructure and enabling structures
  4. Geographical nuances (India, Asia, Africa etc.)

4 Aspects of Maximum Governance

4 aspects of mgMaximum Governance, a Coeus Age initiative, intends to kindle a vibrant debate covering the four core aspects of policy, people, infrastructure and digital technologies.

The role of technology, especially digital, should not be seen from a limited perspective. Rather it should be viewed as a catalyst for all the other three core aspects. It can fuel a new policy paradigm based on new possibilities, empower people in new ways and create smart infrastructure.

Maximum Governance promises to bring success stories from across the globe on innovative use of digital to spur the other core aspects. It shall capture trends, build actionable frameworks and above all celebrate success and felicitate those who are behind that success.


3 Wheels of the Initiative

3 wheels


1. Rigorous Research process to identify and define trends, document success stories, highlight relevant themes and create actionable frameworks

2. A continuous community building initiative through web and mobile based content delivery. Sustained connection through a weekly newsletter

3. Celebrate success and share the learnings through felicitation of the Gems of Digital Governance.






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