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Coeus Age Consulting launches Maximum Governance by Innovative use of Digital, a research driven discourse

Baseline Research of 1600 e-Governance Projects in India reveals the evolution in terms of policies, infrastructure, platforms, re-engineered processes, enabling structures and skills

Concurrent development in the world around digital identity, civil records and vital statistics, universal access to services and anytime, anywhere governance


Delhi NCR, 5th September, 2016. Coeus Age Consulting, a digital age research start up, announced the launch of a new initiative Maximum Governance, which intends toCreate a Vibrant Debate on Innovative Use of Digital in Governance’.

“The paradigm of Government is shifting towards Governance, where the focus on citizen takes the centre stage. The underlying issues for governance in the developing and under developed countries are often paradoxical in nature. There is a need to resolve the issues of universal access, efficiency, transparency, capacity, and resources. The solution to this lies in innovative use of digital towards Maximum Governance”, said Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, Founder and CEO, Coeus Age Consulting.

The sole purpose of the initiative is to Create Research Driven Knowledge on Issues Related to Governance by Digital, such as digital identity, open data, multi-channel access, right to services, financial inclusion, citizen centricity, new models of governance (based on transparency, agility and efficiency), enablers (policy, infrastructure and structures) and geographical nuances (India, Asia, Africa etc.)

“With visionaries like the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi determined to make a difference, the four core aspects of Maximum Governance –  policy, people, infrastructure and technology, are fast falling in place’, added Dr. Singh.

World leaders like Mr. Narendra Modi, Mr. Barak Obama, Jim Yong Kim and others see the real import of digital in governance and solving real world problems of poverty, equality and justice amid problems of archaic structures, inadequate infrastructures, corruption and red tapism.

A massive baseline research by Coeus Age Consulting in India has accomplished a complete mapping of 1600 e-Governance projects and other initiatives by the 36 States and Union territories. Using a framework developed by Coeus Age Consulting, the mapping of the 1600 projects reveals the way things are shaping up.

“Today Digital India is evolving with the pieces in terms of a clear policy, digital infrastructure, platforms, re-engineered processes, enabling structures and people skills falling in place. The focus on public data and information, transactions and participation shall be the cornerstones of the country’s digital strategy”.

This is happening in concurrence with the development focus on other parts of the world like Africa, South East Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. There is a universal focus on creating Digital Identities, Civil Records and Vital Statistics, Right to services, Open data etc.

The Maximum Governance initiative also intends to bring research based insights from the global focus on digital for governance.


About Coeus Age Consulting LLP

Coeus (Koios) was the Greek Titan of Intelligence, the axis around which Heavens revolved. In the current Age, enterprise intelligence is the axis around which organizing happens, a true source of strategic advantage & success

Coeus Age Consulting LLP is a digital age research start up. Coeus Age intends to bring the latest thinking in the field of strategic management, process management, information management, digital technologies and organisation development to the Indian enterprises and governments, and enable them build new age capabilities and capacities.

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