Haryana Tops the Digital States of India 2022 Ranking, Goa and Tripura Among the Biggest Rank Gainers

March 17, 2023. New Delhi NCR.

Coeus Age unveiled the Digital States of India 2022 Report, which ranks the States and UTs of India on their Digital Policy and Infrastructure Readiness and Performance.

Third in the series that was stated in 2017, the report puts Haryana at the top of the states’ ranking, followed by Chhattisgarh and Maharasthra at the second and third position respectively.

Goa gained 18 ranks as compared to 2017 cycle and entered the top 10 digital states in 2022. Chandigarh, Bihar, Haryana, Tripura, West Bengal, and Punjab are other rank gainers.

The Digital States of India report gives relative ranking of states, which means that to better the ranks a state has to not only improve but improve more than others. It is also based upon per capita measurement of the 138 KPIs used so that large states do not get undue advantage.

The 2022 ranking reflects the proliferation of the Digital Governance across the country and is not limited only to few states.

Digital States of India Presentation by Dr Kapil Dev Singh, CEO, Coeus Age

Building a Digital State – Thought Leaders’ Perspectives

A debate took place on Building a Digital State during the report launch event. Three thought leaders participated in the debate, putting their perspectives on the topic.

Building a Digital State – Keynote by Shri Sundar Balakrishna, Special Secretary, DITE&C, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Shri Sundar Balakrishna suggested three key pillars of building a digital state.

1.State must be willing to invest in Digital Assets like internet, computing, emerging technologies, security etc for a seamless delivery of services. Expanding the digital footprint, more so in the rural areas requires internet to reach at the village levels.

2. Building capacity, both at the government and the beneficiaries (citizens and businesses) by embracing new age technologies that enable and spur participation.

3. Digital must not only enable the delivery of services but also enable the economy to grow. It must spur economic activities through digital enablement and also support the digital companies thrive with their products and services.

Building a Digital State – Keynote by Shri Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, Government of Karnataka

Mr Sanjeev Gupta took the definition beyond the Digital Infrastructure, eGovernance and Citizen Services Delivery to also including the following five aspects –

1. Transformation of the economy, how digital can boost the economy of a state

2. Digital transformation of the core sectors like agriculture, health, education

3. Impact of digital on various industries like manufacturing, MSMEs, Start ups etc.

4. The creation of digital literacy and digital talent to support the digital economy, and

5. Broad basing of digital hubs beyond few bigger cities

Building a Digital State – Keynote by Shri Rohit Raman, India Head, ETEK International Corporation

Mr Rohit Raman defined the evolution of digital as people empowerment, enablement of the values enshrined in our Constitution, and a fillip to the economy. All this requires security to be an integral part of the digital state strategy and implementation.

The ETEK platform Security Insights and Threat Analytics (SITA) is an initiative to empower those who are working towards empowering the citizens and businesses. He advices proactiveness in terms of identifying the need for security.

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