Unveiling the 51 Gems of Digital India – Presenting a Template of ‘Next Leap Forward!’

New Delhi, June 13, 2018.

Coeus Age unveiled the 51 Gems of Digital India, 2018 in a glittering ceremony at the Hotel Shangri La- Eros, New Delhi. The discovery of the Gems of Digital India was a result of a continuous year long research process that culminated in felicitating the 51 path breaking eGovernance projects. These projects have created a deep and sustainable impact on the way governance is delivered. It was the second year of the annual event, 41 Gems of Digital India were discovered and felicitated in 2017.


We are thankful to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Digital India, SAP and Tableau for their support in making the Gems of Digital initiative real.

We also congratulate all the winner departments and ministries.

The day started with the research keynote by Dr. Kapil Dev Singh, CEO, Coeus Age Consulting. He presented five themes around which the 51 Gems of Digital India cohered, which is also an indication of things to come.

Making platform as the de-facto government, Building the right ecosystem, Creating consumer-like experiences, Giving the citizens their due power, and Providing IT as a service were the five themes collectively underscored by the 51 Gems of Digital India.

The 51 Gems also present a template on which Digital India’s next leap forward shall take place. They collectively highlight the need for the five themes to become mainstream with the help of two distinct waves of digital technologies – the first wave of Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud, and the second wave of IoT, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Interface, Holistic Cyber Security etc. The template has to be scaled up to include more domains and states under its fold.

A unified platform that supports One Citizen, One Government paradigm in the long term must evolve.


Shri Amol Deshpande, Director Pre-Sales, Strategic Industries, SAP India further built upon the theme by narrating a compelling story of building Digital States, an important cornerstone of the next leap forward for Digital India. This becomes very relevant against the backdrop of a pan India research by Coeus Age that highlights the fact that many Indian states have to replicate the success created by the group of nine leading digital states (7 others are emerging, 15 are promising to emerge or 5 are still lagging).

Building upon SAP’s global experience, Shri Deshpande emphasized upon four distinct dimensions of building a Digital State – financial management, human resource management, food supply chain management and preventive healthcare. All the four areas are also the high priority for the central and the state governments in India. The leading digital states are clearly ahead on all the four aspects, something that other states can learn from and emulate.


Shri. Prashant Momaya, Head – Customer Consulting, Tableau India demonstrated the importance of using technology to collect, collate, analyze and present data. He stressed upon the need for a strong software platform, that can make the entire process simpler and faster, and render the human interface with the output easier and more intuitive.

By demonstrating how it can be done with the help of Tableau Software, Shri Momaya highlighted how the entire process of data collection, collation, analysis and presentation be reduced to days in place of weeks, how TBs of data be processed speedily and and how the quality of data presentation make it easier for the non IT users for taking critical decisions, both policy and operational.


The Gems of Digital India Leadership Panel discussion kick started the debate Digital India – Taking the Next Leap Forward. The panel was decorated with leaders who have made immense contribution to emergence of Digital India so far – Shri Ajay Chagti, Special Secretary, Department of IT, Government of NCT of Delhi; Shri Vishnu Chandra, Deputy Director General, NIC; Shri S S Sarma, Director, CERT IN, MEITY; Shri Kiran Deolalkar, Director BD, Strategic Industries, SAP; and Shri. Prashant Momaya, Head – Customer Consulting, Tableau India.

The panelists and the delegates together identified the important dimensions of the next leap forward – taking Digital India to the remotest villages, making it relevant for the poorest child, building a unifying digital platform that transcends the silos of domains and departments, creating a holistic policy and a proactive approach to cyber security, and encouraging government- industry interaction.


An interesting perspective was shared by Shri Prashant Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, accompanied by Shri Prashant Mittal, Senior Technical Director, Ministry of Rural Development through the demonstration of interesting data visualization on the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (Gramin) platform, which not only is holistic, but also real time.


The conference also witnessed the launch of the Coffee Table Book that encapsulates the research by Coeus Age, perspectives by SAP and Tableau and a case study on each of the 51 Gems of Digital India, 2018.


Finally, the Gems were felicitated with the award amid fanfare and applause. The winners’ list is as given below.


godi-acCongratulations once again to all the winners!


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