We have discovered 41 Gems of Digital India!

A major milestone has been achieved by us. Our search is finally over.

The result of a year long research exercise to discover the Gems of Digital India, the best of the best, is finally out. After putting in 30 man months of rigor in identifying 1600 eGovernance initiatives across the country, rating each one of them using our depth – breadth framework, shortlisting, jury and analyst selection, analyzing, and documenting in the form of a book, we are ready to unveil the 41 Gems of Digital India. It indeed is a first of its kind initiative in the space.

Each of these initiatives are deep, broad and highly sustainable, they stand to play a defining role in fulfilling the dream of a New India.

The 41 Gems of Digital India are an eclectic mix of digital platforms, citizen services aggregation platforms, domain specific transformations, democratic platforms and infrastructure platforms. They are spread across the country and each one offers a unique perspective to learn from. They are enabled by the leadership vision, resources, and structures put together by multiple government institutions.


They are truly India’s pride and inspiration for others.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) through its leadership and various bodies has played a crucial role in enabling these initiatives in many ways. Above all is the vision provided by our Honorable Prime Minister.

The 41 Gems of Digital India are symbolic of the success of many years of hard work put by thousands of government staff and private players. They collectively give us big hopes of a brighter future and a New India that redefines the responsiveness, accountability, transparency and citizen centrality of the government.

It’s time for celebrations and we shall soon be announcing the date and venue for the same. We shall be launching the book titled 41 Gems of Digital India – Actionable Insights for eGovernance Leaders and Nation Builders and felicitating the 41 Gems of Digital India.

We invite you to become a part of our celebrations!

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